How we work

How we work

At Asitis today, 52 people work in different business areas and teams, with different tasks and skills, but with one common vision; to provide growth for our customers by using our solutions.
How do we do that and what does the staff think about working here?

Team Support

In our support we have a crew of enthusiastic people that love providing customer service. It is their happy voices that you’ll hear when you call us.

They all have specific competence to be able to answer all possible questions regarding our software and services. Some of them love the more technical questions and some can answer questions about settings, book-keeping or other tricky questions that may arise. They particularly love the challenging questions!

Team KAM

Our KAM-team are the link between the developers and the customers, they “translate” so that the two parts understand each other. We have people who are very passionate about customer care and who always do their utmost to keep the customers satisified with Asitis and our products.

The team also works with education and makes sure that new users get a good understanding for Asitis Finance, that business administrative personnel understand reports and that more experienced users can gain even deeper understanding.

Team Development

This is where the magic happens since the developers are those who make sure that all our products and services can actually be used. The developers work in different teams and business areas and on Asitis Finance the system is developed according to customer needs as well as being based our own ideas. On the debt collection team we have experts on integrations and data conversions, cleaning and moving data from old systems to newer ones. Our debt collection consultants are highly sought after thanks to their considerable experience and competence within the area.

What is it like to work at Asitis?

  • Asitis as a workplace is characterized by care, we really do care about each other and everyone is striving towards the same goal – the success of our customers – which results in us sharing our experiences, regardless of the team we are in.

    Cecilia Ström
    Cecilia Ström Team KAM
  • We are good at helping each other and sharing skills is a natural part of our job. There is a positive atmosphere here which is without focus on prestige, where we all strive to deliver correct and well-functioning solutions to our customers.

    Helen Pehrsson
    Helen Pehrsson Team Debt Collection
  • The support is an exciting department where we have a relaxed atmosphere and cooperate a lot to be able to help our customers with the best possible solution for their task. It is always a great feeling when we have solved a challenging problem for the customer.

    Jesper Linnarsson
    Jesper Linnarsson Team support
  • We have a very relaxed atmosphere at the office and an awesome environment to work in. We use modern tools in the project I’m working in, which makes it very exciting to go to work. The ice-cream box is also a great bonus!

    Roland Chelwing
    Roland Chelwing Developer

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