Asitis Blog

Asitis Blog

For almost two decades we have gathered the sharpest teams in these areas, we have through the years supported companies with complete data migrations but also tasks such as analysis, optimization, and adaptions of data.

With this blog, we hope to share with us all the experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the years, within our company and the industry we work in.

Everything from what to think of when choosing systems to how new laws and regulations will be affecting you and your business. We will help you to stay ahead of time, and we also want you to quickly find information and explanations about the concepts used in our industry.

Time for your data to move?

Unfortunately, migration, data flow, or conversion are often underestimated. Moving data may seem like a simple thing, it's just moving from a to b, but it's rarely as simple as it sounds. Often there is an old underlying architecture that needs [...]

After Work with hungry students

For the fifth consecutive year, Asitis and Inexchange arranged an After Work for knowledge and Network-hungry Students. An appreciated concept where we as a company get the opportunity to show who we are and what we can offer, and help to open [...]

UX – Not only for show…

Did you know that 80% of all apps and software is abandoned after the first interaction? This is the effect of when the user don't understand the purpose, get stuck in the navigation or in different flows and processes. How come? What is [...]

Onboarding, The Asitis way

One of last year's hottest buzzwords was Onboarding, a term that describes the strategy a company has in recruiting and how to respond to new employees. An onboarding strategy can include everything from how you, as a new employee, are [...]

OCR number, not only for the good…

Are you getting annoyed by incorrect bookings when matching payments from your customers? If you suffer from this particular irritation, you are probably the administrator of a factoring company, bank or finance company. And the annoyance is [...]

Welcome to the Asitis Blog

Welcome to follow us on Asitis! At Asitis, we have solid knowledge of software development within factoring and debt collection, migration and integration, and for almost two decades we have gathered the sharpest team in these areas. With this [...]