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  • Do you want to work with invoice purchase and service in a brand new way? Import the invoices without either manual entry or complicated mapping?
  • Do you want to make approvals from your mobile phone, whether you are at a conference in the Swedish country side or at a yoga retreat in India?
  • Do you want to work smoothly with different languages and switch presentation currency faster than you can say “the greatest thing since sliced bread”?
  • Do you want your customers to work in the same intuitive interface as you, where access rights control who sees what?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Read below about some of the fantastic features that will make your business more efficient – and maybe a little bit more fun! Convinced already? Click on the button below and contact us. We will help you all the way!


Why Asitis Cloudware Factoring? 

With Asitis Cloudware you will receive a lot of benefits and features that will help you in your everyday work life. Read about some of them here.

Time-to-market is our mantra. For you as a financial company, it will be plain and simple to get started with our system, and we have also made it easier for you to onboard new customers smoothly. Besides, we work with agile and fast development cycles that enable us to implement new features and services at a rapid pace. Why settle for less?

DropZone - Smart invoice import

Import the invoice in the blink of an eye – without manual entry or mapping!

  • The clients get started quickly
  • No mapping required

Imagine not having to install software, easily mark, drag and drop files, and thus import one or more invoices to the system for further handling. The invoices are interpreted directly, and all you have to do is approve them.

We call it Drop Zone, a feature that will simplify the import of invoices so that you no longer need to carry out a large number of manual steps and that way save huge amounts of time. Time that you can use to build new customer relationships or optimize flows and business models (or why not treat yourself with an extra cup of coffee?).

In other words, it has never been easier to onboard a new client! They can send you their invoices the same day you have signed them as a client. Perfect for smaller accounts, but also a huge benefit for larger accounts where you not yet have the API communication setup.

To make this new service even sharper, we have built in a function that reads image files, i.e. photographed invoices.

The intelligence recognizes the formats without needing it to be a PDF or text file. Drop Zone is a whole new revolutionary technology that will facilitate your daily work.

Snap, drag, drop and approve, done!

Efficient payment management

Tired of unplaced payments? Make them a thing of the past with Cloudwares efficient, and smart payment processing

  • Automated matching
  • Reduces the amount of unplaced payments

Collect all incoming payments in AsiPayIn and connect it to any number of receiving systems. AsiPayIn automatically matches the payment to the correct invoice – regardless of system.

AsiPayIn automates the matching using a scoring system where different parameters have a different type of score and together provide matching suggestions. Better than Tinder!

One view – different roles – same experience!

With Cloudware, your customer may have access to the same intuitive interface as yourself. No separate client web needed!

  • Relevant information for all types of administrator roles
  • Intuitive interface

Let your clients access Asitis Cloudware and customize what information they will have access to – according to your principles and the clients needs. Simple, intuitive interfaces will make your customers love you!

Elastic search – helps you and your customers navigate

In Cloudware, Elastic Search is used – a “google search” that helps you navigate and easily find what you are looking for in the system.

  • Find what you need quickly and easily
  • Shortcut to functions and settings
  • Simplifies the workflow for clients and administrators

Whether it is about finding an invoice or an action, such as registering a client, the search function makes it easy to find the right place in Cloudware. It is possible to  perform a text search for anything from sums, customer numbers and part of a company name, to dates – and much more.

The expression “Seek and you shall find” perfectly summarizes this feature!

Multi-currency - Your markets, the customers' currency

Thanks to Cloudwares smart way of managing currencies, it is possible to apply an incoming payment in one currency to an invoice in a different currency. 

  • Register the transaction in the local currency, recalculate it to any currency you want
  • Cloudware manage each transaction in its original currency

In an international system, currency management is important. Traditionally, transactions in different currencies are recalculated into a globally set currency. This process entails a large number of transactions in accounts for exchange rate gains, and losses. In Cloudware, the system handles the transactions in their original currency which results in a smoother and faster process.

All transactions are registered in the referred currency and are not converted. However, the system can calculate totals and sums in any currency using the available connection to the ECB, where exchange rates are updated daily. This way our solution makes it possible to apply a payment in one currency, toward an invoice in another currency. High five on that!

Invoice view - The invoice lifecycle in detail!

Follow the invoice’s lifecycle in real time and see its details, using Cloudware’s invoice overview

  • Clear overview of all actions from date of registration to due date
  • Get information when the next action will be carried out and make adjustments directly in the view

Once you have searched in Cloudware for a specific invoice, you can smoothly follow its status via a timeline to the right. You will have a clear overview when it was registered, its applied transactions and due date, etc.

You also have access to a number of actions applicable to the invoice, such as stopping, crediting, registering direct payments, etc. Besides this, the total outstanding amount is clearly presented with any accrued interest and fees calculated and shown – in real time. An overview simply better than the view from Burj Khalifa!

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Want to know more about Cloudware and Asitis?

At Asitis we have a genuine background when it comes to factoring systems. Our current system Asitis Finance is today Scandinavias’ leading factoring system. A solid system developed since 2003 by driven and engaged people at Asitis, used by both large and small financial companies. Since we first started a lot has happened in our industry, especially technology has evolved faster than anyone could have ever imagined. With our new product Asitis Cloudware, we take further steps toward making your factoring business scalable, easier, faster and accessible – whenever and wherever you want.

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