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Asitis once started as a consulting company for the debt collection industry, and from the very beginning, some of the country’s most sought after integration and migration specialists were working here. Since then, we have succeeded in acquiring more experts and also educating new talents. We have during the last ten years developed smart tools for automated processes and at the same time gathered a variety of experiences and knowledge over the years. Our specialty is within the debt collection area, but regardless of industry, we dare to say that you will be more than satisfied if you engage us in projects related to integrations, conversions or migrations.


What can we do for you?

Our consultants have extensive experience of conversion assignments and other data management in connection with merging of companies, company purchases and similar. We use customized tools that are developed by us for the purpose, and this makes us market leaders in the field.

Migration and conversion

Conversion, data cleaning, and migration of large amounts of data is our specialty. Read more further down the page!

  • We analyze data volume, quality, and process
  • Our smart tools optimize the processes
  • Ongoing follow-up sessions for optimal outcome


Through an agile process, which quickly identifies problems as well as solutions, we minimize “crashes” between systems that are to be integrated and ensure that your integration project becomes successful.

  • Analysis of integration possibilities in existing systems
  • Adaptation and optimization of connections

Debt collection Consulting

For those of you who work with debt collection, we are the partner that helps you analyze and optimize your work flows as well as automate your processes in order for you to offer your customers the best possible service.

  • Analysis of current processes
  • Suggestions for automation where there are manual processes today
  • Smart products for in- and outflow to your collection system


A migration project is an agile process, and the key to a successful project lies in controlling the outcome in each step. When migrating to a new system, the source system’s data is analyzed to identify where in the target system it is to be placed. If necessary, data is washed and transformed from the source system to function correctly in the target system. Through optimized algorithms and efficient tools the process is automated and iterative tests are performed. With in-depth knowledge, great commitment and flexibility beyond the ordinary, we take on your migration project, regardless of size and regardless of system. With a hundred percent success rate in our projects, you can be confident that we will help you all the way to the finish line.

Migrering och Integrationskonsulter

How does a migration process look like?


In close cooperation, we tailor your project to your specifications.


An ongoing process throughout the project, and when something is done it is forwarded for implementation.

Implementation and Migration

A process that goes on throughout the project and when something is ready it is migrated to one or more test environments.

Testing and analysis

In this step, the migrated data is tested and analyzed, and feedback is sent for mapping and implementation.


When you are satisfied with the result, your project ends.

Our Debt Collection products

AsiPayIn – Smart payment matching

Incomplete or sometimes even non-existent references on payments create problems for any company that daily handles large amounts of payments. Asitis has therefore built AsiPayIn, which is a smart way to automate the matching and thus significantly reduces the administration of unplaced payments. AsiPayIn also gets better at matching the more you use it.

AsiPayOut – The ultimate payout product

AsiPayOut is the ultimate product for managing payments of client funds and overpayments from Nova or other business systems. You set up criteria for handling payments based on whether these will be made to companies, authorities or private individuals. Functionality is available to prioritize payments, as well as certificate management and more.

AsiMail – Automated reports to the client

AsiMail streamlines client reporting and makes it easy to keep the client informed. With automatic mailing, you will get a safer and faster mailing of client funds accounting by email.

PartialCopy – The test environment you dreamed of

Do you also feel frustrated with many, large and poorly updated test environments? Asitis PartialCopy retrieves data from the production environment and sets up a test environment for you. With PartialCopy you have the opportunity to choose which information is relevant to the tests in question and in this way you can create several test databases with special purposes, and you can set up templates for different test databases and schedules for updating.

AsiDecide – The efficient processor

Do you have workflow processes that you would like to streamline or automate? By using AsiDecide you have the opportunity to simply and easily do just that in your own environment. Via a modern and powerful web interface, you quickly can configure a flow and the service you wish to process. Freedom is a big part of how AsiDecide works and allows a large number of flows, for example, business intelligence system, export of data, processing of incoming data, communication with external services and much more. It is only your imagination that sets the limits.

AsiRetur – Smooth return of bouncing communication

AsiReturn is a product that helps you automatically handle returned letters to the debt collection company when the addressee is unknown. With a hand scanner, a barcode is scanned on the returned envelope, and this action will make sure that the case is automatically reset in the debt collection system – without the need for a single envelope to pop up! After this, the case is ready to be sent again with an updated address. Simple and easy!

Want to know more about our different types of consulting assignments?

Our integration and migration consultants have extensive experience of conversion work and other data management in connection with merging of companies, company purchases and such. We are familiar with the industry’s conditions and the necessity of carrying out significant changes outside regular working hours. You can feel confident that we always use flexible processes and tools developed for the purpose, and we can proudly say that we are the market leader in the field.

Advisor Migration and Integrations

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