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Asitis Financial Services

The financial system of the future

This fall we launch a new way of working with factoring. We present a cloud based solution where you get rid of server service and maintenance. Asitis Financial Services are developed in and for Microsoft Azure to ensure we are at the cutting edge of technology and can offer our customers scalable and stable services, which really make a difference. Forget manual routine tasks and uniform working methods. Asitis Financial Services allows you to take care of what matters most to your business; your customers.

Today, our current system ‘Asitis Finance’ is the leading factoring system in Scandinavia. A solid system developed by driven and engaged co-workers at Asitis since 2003, currently used by both larger and smaller financial companies in the Nordic countries. Since then much has happened in the business and the technological development has been faster than anyone could ever have imagined. Now it is time to take the next step.


The customer is the heart that makes the business beat and we all want to serve our customers in the best possible way, but how easy is it to find new customers within factoring today?

We believe that the keys to capturing new customers are simplicity, availability, transparency and fast response. Our new OnBoarding-service will help to fulfill all these factors with a process that actively supports KYC- and AML-control.

Asitis Financial Services – Upcoming products

Invoice Administration

Invoice administration is very simple and risk free but is often about large invoice volumes, therefore we have built a solution where you, as a financial company, only need to administrate the invoices in exceptional cases. Let the smart services of Asitis Financial Services do the routine tasks so that you can focus on the more important aspects that add value for your customer.

  • 24-hour online access for your customers
  • Automated
  • Manage large volumes

Invoice Purchase

Risk management is highly important when it comes to invoice purchase. In Asitis Financial Services there is an advanced rule engine that lets you sleep well at night.


  • Automated credit management process
  • Dynamic terms based on underlying information
  • Efficient


Our solution for managing loans gives you, as a financial company, an automated, flexible and smart solution to handle loans without security.


  • Parameter setting as you want it
  • Dynamic management of collaterals
  • Automated processes for maintenance and follow-ups

Asitis Financial Services

  • Time to market

    Easy to get started with, easy to add new services and easy to update.

  • Easy business model

    Pay as you go. Only pay for the services you are using.

  • International

    Powerful support for localization to new markets and languages.

  • Mobile and scalable

    Responsive to mobile platforms and support large growth in volume.

  • High automation and open API:s

    Focus on automated processes and integrations to your own services, as well as the services of others.

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