Debt Collection

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    Pia Morén Macke
    Pia Morén Macke CEO, Miradi AB

We are Nova experts

Initially, Asitis started as a consulting firm towards the debt collection business and already had some of the country’s most sought-after specialists on the debt collection system Nova. Since then we have succeeded in acquiring more experts as well as educating quite a few novices. We dare to say that you will be more than satisfied if you hire us for your next conversion or integration project. We are genuinely interested in your business and will help you all the way to the finish line.

Import & export Nova

No matter what information and in what form the information is supposed to be – we will provide it. We have years of experience in Object Basics (OB) as well as SQL and C#.

Conversion and transfer of data

Conversion, washing and migration of large data volumes within debt collection is our specialty. Whether it concerns merging data from several systems or importing large stocks – we have the knowledge, tools and the will to get the task done.

Efficient payment management

In- and outgoing payments must be handled quickly, safely and correctly. We develop and integrate custom-made solutions for efficient management of in- and outgoing payments towards different communication platforms.


We do more than just consult – we have products to make your whole workflow easier and more efficient.

AsiPayIn – Smart matching of payments

Sub-standard or even non-existent references on payments create huge problems for all companies that daily manage large volumes of incoming payments. Asitis has built AsiPayIn that in a smart way automates the matching of payments and therefore considerably reduces administration around unplaced payments. AsiPayIn also becomes better at matching payments the more it is used!

AsiPayOut – The ultimate outgoing payment help

The ultimate product to manage outgoing payments of client funds and over payments from Nova or other ERPs. You set up criteria for managing payments depending whether they are made to companies, authorities or private persons. Functionality to prioritize payments as well as manage attestations etc. is available.

AsiRetur -Efficient and easy management of returned letters

Tired of opening envelopes of returned letters? With a barcode on the envelope and a regular hand scanner the address update is automatically booked in the debt collection system, actions are reversed, and any costs are removed and put on hold, waiting for a new dispatch with the correct address.

AsiMail – Automatic reports to clients

AsiMail makes client reporting efficient and makes it easy to keep the client informed. With automatic dispatches you get a safe and fast dispatch of the client accounting per e-mail.

PartialCopy – Test environment as you want it to be

Have you ever pulled your hair out because of too many, large and poorly updated test environments? Asitis PartialCopy retrieves data from the production environment and sets up a test environment for you. With PartialCopy you have the possibility to choose which information is relevant to the tests in question, thus creating multiple test databases for special purposes, and you can set up templates for different test databases as well as schedules for updating.

AsiBoard – a flexible dashboard

Follow the trends of your business – in real time.
With an attractive graphic presentation of data, fetched straight from Nova, you get a clear snapshot of your most important key figures.

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